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Our company attaches importance to human resources and defeats competitors by human resources, and we believe that the speed of market expanding depends on the number of talents. Therefore, we take the career planning and management of staff and the talent reserve management as our priority, so as to let every staff know clearly and quantify their objectives and orientations for short-term, medium-term and long-term development in the company.

The company, established in 2000, is located in Liling, Hunan-one of the four famous porcelain cities in China. Currently, we have over 400 staffs, with a fixed asset of more than RMB 30 million, and a floor area of 33,000 square meters. Our company is a medium-sized enterprise integrating production and management, and having self-support import and export rights. Our major products are 3-oz to 26- oz single cups, cups and saucers, 15-48 sets of cutlery and sugar tank, milk tank, pot, fish plate and some profiled products, etc.,  and they are exported to Europe, US, Japan, etc.. These products have many features such as a great variety, modern design, glittering and translucent and glossy, a dissolution quantity of lead and cadmium lowering than the international standard. Our company’s annual output value is about RMB 80 million, and annual output is 32 million pieces. After the company is established and put into operation, we focus on quality management, and powered by science and technology, actively promote the technical progress and the development of new products, so as to improve the product quality and level constantly. Now, the company is urgently recruiting talents. We sincerely invite you to join us!

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